Learner's from Seaview Primary receiving their donation of books
1 Million Books Campaign
books donated: 412 220
570 days

Social reformer, writer and statesman, Frederick Douglass said: “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”

South African children in more than 16 000 public schools do not have access to libraries and most of their parents cannot afford to buy books as they are already living below the breadline. These children have never experienced the magic of becoming immersed in a good book. Biblionef makes it possible for them to have access to books by donating appropriate and relevant South African storybooks to them, thereby instilling a love of reading.

In line with our mission to provide under-resourced children and adolescents with new books in their mother tongue, we have donated 1 million books to 6 148 schools and children’s organisations across all nine South African provinces and in all eleven languages, reaching more than 3 million children over a period of 14 years.


Now Biblionef has a new target – to donate the next 1 million books by the end of 2016, and we need your help!

“We know that books stimulate curiosity and the desire to learn. Reading gives learners a solid foundation of knowledge for their future. Providing learners with access to new books in their mother tongue creates the right circumstance for them to enjoy books and create a love for reading”, says Jean Williams, Biblionef Executive Director.

“We would like to call on all South Africans to join our second 1 Million Books journey and help us to provide 1 million brand new story books to South African learners over the next three years”.


It costs R60 to donate one books making the 1 Million books campaign a worthy cause that many South Africans can easily support at the click of a button.

When children have positive, fun experiences with books and reading, they become lifelong readers, who are able to make good decisions through the development of critical thinking skills and to live balanced and productive lives.

Reading is a tool that empowers learners and gives access to further education and life opportunities. Giving learners access to books is a big step towards raising a generation of South Africans who can change the world!

Where is the money going?

100% of all money raised by you will go to donating storybooks. Every cent will be used to give children the opportunity to see the world through completely different eyes. This is definitely something that you can be proud of.

For every R60 raised one book will be donated. Books go to children’s organisations with an educational focus that have no storybooks in their home language. Every week we receive many letters urgently requesting help with a donation of books from teachers and caregivers that are struggling with low literacy levels. On average, we donate 12,000 storybooks per month. With your help we will be able to reach this amount and MUCH MORE!