My Heritage My Language

What is My Language My Heritage?

Imagine not having books in your own language when you were growing up? This is the reality for so many children in South Africa! My Language My Heritage is Biblionef’s campaign to raise funds to provide these children with new storybooks in their own language.

You have the opportunity to let a child experience the joy of reading books in its own language!

How can you help? Simple – take a selfie with your favourite book, upload it to Facebook and/or Twitter and use the hashtag #BookSelfie. Be sure to tag Biblionef South Africa when uploading your #BookSelfie. THEN change the life of a child and donate R60.

Would you like to do more to support My Language My Heritage? Become an Activist! Contact our offices for more information:, 021 531 0447



Why My Language My Heritage?

Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going – Rita Mae Brown

South Africa celebrates Heritage Day during September when we reflect on what heritage means to us. Language forms an integral part of everyone’s heritage and Biblionef decided to focus its attention on the lack of storybooks in our 11 official languages with the My Language My Heritage campaign.

When children are able to read storybooks in their own language they learn to appreciate its importance as part of their culture and heritage. Home language reading gives them the added advantage of understanding concepts better and helps them think critically about the world they live in.

We would like to give you some statistics on the number of children who do not have any home language storybooks but very little data is available. This highlights the lack of awareness and attention around this issue. However, we can tell you that in the past 15 years Biblionef has donated 1.3 million storybooks to more than 7 500 children’s organisations supporting 3.6 million children. Very few of these organisations had storybooks in their home language!

There are so many more children who do not have any storybooks in their own language and there is still a lot more work to be done. Through My Language My Heritage, we aim to motivate 1000 individuals to donate R60 to help us bring new home language storybooks to children throughout South Africa. That’s right; it costs us R60 to give a child a new book in their mother tongue.

By taking part in the My Language My Heritage campaign you have the chance to give a child the magical experience of reading a book in their home language.

Where is the money going?

100% of all money raised by you will go to donating storybooks. Every cent will be used to give children the opportunity to see the world through completely different eyes. This is definitely something that you can be proud of.

For every R60 raised one book will be donated. Books go to children’s organisations with an educational focus that have no storybooks in their home language. Every week we receive many letters urgently requesting help with a donation of books from teachers and caregivers that are struggling with low literacy levels. On average we donate 12,000 storybooks per month. With your help we will be able to reach this amount and MUCH MORE!


1 Million Books Campaign
books donated: 349 974
570 days