In the late 1980s, a Dutch ambassador working in diplomatic missions around the world saw not only financial poverty, a lack of sanitation and minimal basic education, but that there were children who had no idea of the joy of reading a book, a joy...

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South African children in more than 16 000 public schools do not have access to libraries and most of their parents cannot afford to buy books as they are already living below the breadline. These children have never experienced the magic of becoming...

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1 Million Books Campaign
books donated: 300 822
570 days

The Team

The Biblionef South Africa team consists of seven staff members. Biblionef makes use of unemployed people to assist with general labour, such as book covering, and the packing and unpacking of books the need arises. The Biblionef South Africa team...

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Board Members

The Board of Biblionef meets four times a year, to ensure that the organisation is well-managed and successful. Board members are motivated and committed. They guide the management team with advice, support and assistance, and oversee the organisation’s...

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create lifelong readers who are good citizens, who can read and think for themselves, resulting in a society where everyone is literate; has access to education and finds reading both a great pleasure and a necessity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make books available for children (ages three to 18) in all official languages, for reading pleasure and for education and in this way, to lay the foundation for children to make good decisions through critical thinking, and live balanced and productive lives.